• Muhajirs in US launch 'Free Karachi' campaign • Indian army chief calls for ‘ramping up the heat’ on Pakistan • PML-N will secure another term after 2018 elections: The Economist • Bill Gates announces aid bump for Pakistan • Police find new CCTV footage of man who allegedly kidnapped Zainab • Pentagon still in touch with Pakistani military: Mattis • US-Pakistan relations cannot 'bear weight of contradictions,' US official says • After much drama, PTI accepts Imran’s marriage proposal to Bushra Maneka • Solve education, health issues or forget Orange Train: CJP • US military weighs supply options amid Pakistan spat • Trump cannot afford to walk away from Pakistan: NY Times

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Criminalized Division of Punjab?

Criminalized Division of Punjab :For what,for whom and why?


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Partition of the Punjab

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