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Injustice to the Punjabi language

I am Pakistani, whether I speak Urdu or Punjabi

Why we need to study our history from when the ice melted

Punjab and Punjabi

Punjabi Language & Literature: Casualties in Pakistan

The land deprived of its rich heritage

Do Pakistani Punjabis still speak

Of the Divison of Punjab - By Shafqat Tanvir Mirza (Dawn 23 August 2009)

Terrors Free run in South Punjab

Census Fears

Punjab and the Study of Ranjit Singh

Pakistan's Ethnic Fault Line

Tensions Brew in Balochistan as Countless Missing

India is the Beneficiary of the Lahore Attack

Indus Water Treaty Revisited

The State of Punjabi

Excerpt: The Frontier City

Ethnicity will Continue to Make and Break States

Punjabi Will Not Die in 50 Years

Punjabi Language Will not Die: Expert

In Defence of Punjabi Settlers in Balochistan

Punjabi Heroes

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