Division of Punjab:PPP,MQM,ANP and their dirty and
hateful divide Punjab campaign:

MQM  celebrates division of Punjab



Altaf hussain demand seraiki province




Nationally Assembly  approves motion on Saraiki province



Geo Reports-Seraiki, Pro-Gilani Resolutions-03 May 2012



Altaf Hussain congratulated the People of Southern Punjab



Resolution for Southern Punjab passed in National Assembly, Celebration at Nine Zero



Celebrations in Multan on passage of resolution for Southern Punjab Province in National Assembly



Resolution for Southern Punjab passed in National Assembly, Celebration at Nine Zero



Jashan in MQM Punjab House Lahore on 4th May 2012



Creation of South Punjab Bahawalpiur Province should not be delayed: MQM Press Conference




MQM wants South Punjab province before Polls: Farooq Sattar press briefing in Lahore




MQM will not rest until resolution for creation of Hazara & Seraiki provinces is enacted into law



MQM table 20th Amendment bill in National Assembly for New provinces in Pakistan


Mr Zardari advocating the Saraiki Province by Draban Kalan Damaan D.I.Khan



PM Yousaf Raza Gillani Advocating Saraiki Province by Draban Kalan District Dera Ismail Khan Damaan



Shah Mehmood announcing Seraiki province in Muzafargarh 21st march 2012.


Punjab has to be divided into many provinces



PM Gillan,Hina Khar , Taj Langha for Saraiki Soba Movement by Draban Kalan Damaan D.I.Khan


Zardari seeks traders support for Saraiki province ARYNews Special Pakeges


Hate Monger: Saraiki P M of PSKISTAN speaks Saraiki to tear apart PUNJAB


Movement of Saraiki Province News 5 Yeh Bhi Pakistan Hai Akmal Wains Prog 28

Saraiki Soba, watch this program every Tuesday at 8:03 pm on Rohi Tv




Baba Haider Zaman & Haider Abbas Rizvi addressing People of Hazara at
Abbottabad- 11th January 2012


Delegation of Sooba Hazara Tehreek led by Baba Haider Zaman warmly welcomed at Nine Zero by MQM


MQM welcomes announcement by President Zardari for creating Seraiki Province








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