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Shah Hussain

1) Mela Charaghaan: Madhu Shah Lal’s Urs

2) Shah Hussain-a forgotten poet   By Shafqat Tanvir Mira

3) That laughing son of a weaver –Shah Hussain (1538-1599) By Dr.Ijaz Manzur

4) Sufism and Spirituality-Shah Hussain (1538 - 1599)

5) Shah Hussain’s poetry panacea for worries

6) Shah Hussain: Mai Ne Mein Kinoo Akhaan

7) Shah hussain: aseen wat na : hamid ali bela شاہ حسین : اسیں وت نہ : حامد علی

8) Shah Hussain: Nei Seio Aseen Naina Day Akhay Lagay

9) Dr Manzur Ejaz discusses the Classical Punjabi Poet Shah Hussain Part 1

10) Classical Poets: Shah Hussain - Part 2


















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