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January 7,2016


This is our featured sponsorship opportunity  and is available to  a business annually.                            

Punjabics is offering  Businesses   a unique  marketing opportunity to be a part of our  website home page by becoming a Headline Banner Sponsor.There will only be one headline Banner Sponsor/main sponsor.

The HOMEPAGE sponsorship allows your business or organization to place a full-sized banner ad (728×90 pixels) at the Top of the Punjabics   website’s homepage, the most viewed page on the website,with a direct link back to your own website.

If you have a quality product or service in and looking for branding, customers, promotion  or marketing  you can stop here. By partnering with Punjabics  you gain an opportunity  to connect your business with our committed audience and  visitors   directly .

Raise your company's visibility as a sponsor of   Punjabics and stand out from the crowd!Promote your business to potential customers on local, regional, international and  global  level  by becoming a sponsor of the Punjabics website.Become a sponsor today!

Benefits of Homepage sponsorship

  • 24/7/365 exposure for your business & services Valuable hyperlink to your business website/homepage
  • Bringing more traffic to your own website.
  • Your ad will appear exclusively on the top of the Punjabics website home page for  one year.
  • Your message reaches to a  committed local ,regional  and global  audience including a variety of new visitors
  • Your Sponsor ad is more dynamic, full-color, & costs less than other  competitive sponsor programs
  • You will also be listed as one of the Punjabics website Sponsors with your business information and logo, as well as another link to your homepage.                      

You may email a digital file of your ready to go ad or organization's logo  and/or images,text you want to include including your contact information. You will have the ability to review and approve your Sponsor ad prior to it being published on the website.

TO SUBSCRIBE AS A PUNJABICS HOMEPAGE  SPONSOR, you may use  the  buttons below to submit the online completed form with your payment:

Home page Sponsorship–Punjabics Website

Subscribe Online as a HOMEPAGE SPONSOR US $300/yr


     Content Page Sponsorship-Punjabics Website

A CONTENT PAGE Sponsorship allows you to place a full-sized banner ad (728×90 pixels) at the top of any of the main content pages on the Punjabics  website with a link to your own website. You will also be listed as one of the Punjabics Sponsors with your business information and logo, as well as another link to your website.

Subscribe Online  as  a Content Page Sponsor:Punjabics Website US $ 150/yr


General Website  Sponsorship–Punjabics Website

General Sponsors of the Punjabics website will be listed as “Sponsors” of the website, which will include your business information and logo, along with a link to your website on the  Punjabics website Sponsors page.

Subscribe Online as Website Sponsor US $75/yr


Show your support for the Punjabics and promote your business to potential customers   by becoming a sponsor of  the Punjabics website.

For further enquiries  about sponsorship opportunities, Please contact

SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION: Sponsorships of the punjbics  website are in support of the website only. All Punjabics website sponsorship opportunities consist of annual subscriptions, which will be renewed automatically upon the anniversary date of subscription, unless cancelled before the annual renewal takes place. All paid sponsorships, whether new or by renewal, are final and continue for a one year period. Although sponsors may unsubscribe from a sponsorship at any time, no refunds for cancellation of paid sponsorships will be issued, either in part or in full.You may unsubscribe from being a website sponsor here:








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