There have been a number of World Punjabi Conferences, the world over, organized by different organizations during the last quarter century. Their success owes to the fact that Punjabis, their entrepreneurs and workers, who are spread over the globe, are by now well established communities. They  have exhibited the rare  spirit of neighborhoods, which are eager to blend with others for the mutual economic and social growth, and, at the same time, endeavor  to keep their cultural identity and values intact. The community is also known for its sincerity, hard work and the spirit of celebration of its successes; over a dozen World Punjabi Conferences of the past are a testimony to these facts. 
These Punjabi World Conferences were organized at different places of the world and they include cities of North America, Europe and Asia. Punjabis of both the countries; India and Pakistan, have been active in this, and at times have been together, not only in academic and cultural interactions, but also at the level of their design and organization. Efforts of well known Pakistani writer Fakhar Zaman, in this context, need to be specially eulogized.
In such a changing scenario it’s a great opportunity for a community which was divided in to two parts due to a political compulsion that partitioned India more than sixty years ago. Now when Punjabis have started stretching themselves to all parts of the world, there is more need to get together at times; not only to celebrate, but also to deliberate the new opportunities and challenges and their role in facing them. 
There can be many ways to organize such an event in a city like Toronto that symbolizes, like other parts of this great land, the multi-cultural character of our constitution, traditions and institutions. Three bodies of this city: Punjabi Media Association, Kalm (The Pen) and Ontario Friends Club have come together to hold this conference on July 24, 25 and 26 at: Hall H – 131, Sherdan College, Davis Campus, 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, ON.  L6V 1G6 905-459-7533.

The organizations have decided to focus on the subject by deliberating mainly on the written words and other cultural and aesthetic expressions that Punjabis have created in whole of the world. This time we will concentrate only on the literature and media that uses Punjabi language as its vehicle; no denying the fact that there is also a need to look into the psyche of those Punjabis whose mother tongue is in the process of a transformation.  
We are fully aware that there are many more areas where we will have to focus our attention in the immediate future, but we feel that the present exercise shall also prove to be fruitful in which a number of Punjabi scholars, thinkers, writers and artists from all over the world are expected to take part. We have also decided to continue with this effort on yearly basis. To consolidate and analyze the gains, it has been chosen to publish all the 25 odd papers in a book form that are expected to be presented during the course of conference. The organizers are happy to announce that all the incoming participants of this conference shall be provided with suitable boarding and lodging facilities. We earnestly hope that activities of this conference shall add to the reflection of Punjabis and that of the multi-cultural identity of Canada in the world community.
: Wednesday, 06 May 2009



World Punjabi Conference at Toronto from July 24

Over 200 intellectuals, mediapersons, writers and other eminent personalities would participate in the World Punjabi Conference at Toronto from July 24 to deliberate on ways to promote no commahere Punjab and people of Punjab. The Coordinator of the conference Pargat Singh Bhagga, who was here to pay obeisance at Golden Temple, said about 25 papers would be presented at the conference.He also invited Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh and SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar for the conference.He was honoured by the SGPC.
News.webindia123.com: Wednesday, May 20 2009