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Punjab's Further Division will lead to disintegration of Pakistan (Video) Punjabis
 Division of Punjab :For what,for whom and why?(Articles)
The origin and politics of the Seraiki movement Punjab:an easy target to be disintegrated What if Punjab Is Too Large? 
If you divide Punjab, then divide Sindh Why divide Punjab? 'Divide their province, not mine
PMs statement on Seraiki province  perturbs many Division of Punjab Who wins if Punjab is divided?
Fragmenting Punjab: vested interests   
Debate: The Traitors of Punjab
Conference opposes division of Punjabe Sindh Where lies the identity of  Punjab? Of the division of Punjab
Who Gains_From Division_Of_Punjab Blackest day in the history of Punjab”

New Provinces in Punjab: Division and Devolution? By Dr. M. S. Shafique

 Punjab and Punjabi (Selected Articles)

Punjabi Themes By Shafqat Tanvir Mirza

Power of language By  Dr.Manzur Ejaz


 Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyyat
Partition of the Punjab History of the Punjab Punjab: Politics Punjab and The Freedom Movement
Punjabi Literature Punjabi Poetry Punjabi Culture Punjabi Speaking Areas of Indo-Pak
Punjabi Media   Punjabi Language Punjabi Heroes  
Punjab Before Partition Punjab After Partition Punjab And Sufism
Diaspora  Punjabi People   Resistance: Punjab and Foreign invaders  
Institutions: Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture Punjab and The war of Independence
 India - Pakistan Relations, Conflicts, Wars and Kashmir Dispute

Angry Modi spews vitriol against Pakistan in Bangladesh (Complete Press Report)

Kashmir Conflict : Articles The Indian Occupation of Kashmir
Indo - Pak Wars Indian Involvement in Balochistan
Indian Invasion of East Pakistan Flood Pakistan: An Annual Event
World Diplomacy: India vs Pakistan Indian Boots on Afghan Soil
Malicious Bollywood Indian Military Buildup
Extremist Hindu Media Sir Creek Issue
Siachen War Water Conflict: Indus Basin Water Treaty
Plight of Indian Muslims End Game: Division of East Punjab
Videos: Pakistan flag waved at Srinagar rally
 Punjabi Language Issue
 The Punjabi Movement (Research / Articles In PDF)
 Issues facing Punjab and Punjabi (Exclusive Press Reports And Articles )

Punjabi Language Issue Curse of Feudalism
In Defence of Punjabi Settlers in Balochistan Education Human Rights Violations
Spewing Hate: Anti Punjab Politics Child Abuse Corruption and Nepotism
Religious extremism and terrorism Women's Rights Punjab Water Crisis        
Seraikiafication of Punjab and Punjabi Punjabi's Jihad Against their own mother tongue Division of Punjab
State Sponsored Terroirsm Against Punjabi Language Punjab Assembly: The day of Traitors and Cowards Law and Order
150 Years:official ban on mother tongue education in punjab    Anti Punjab Print And Electronic Media

 Mother Tongue Education

Mother Tongue: The dilemma of the Punjabi Language


 Punjabi Novel
WAGHA : A Novel on Punjab Review by : Shafqat Tanvir Mirza
Read Online for free the entire Award Winning Punjabi novel “Wagha” by Nazeer Kahut
Read Online for free the entire Award winning Punjabi novel  “Deryaburd” By Nazeer Kahut
Read Online for free the Entire Punjabi Novel: Adh chanini Raat: Gurdial Singh  
Read Online for free the Entire Punjabi Novel: Khed Muqadaran Di: by Raja Muhammad Ahmed  
Punjabi novel since 1947  
Winners of first annual Dhahan prize for punjabi literature announced  

 Book Review
A chronicler of people’s history An intriguing novel
Not just a novel Lahore Lahore aye
The rebel stylist The forgotten master
An unusual novel and verses born of spontaneity
 Language Movements
International Mother Language Day  Language Movements in Pakistan Language Movements in India
Bengali Language Movement in East Pakistan Afrikaans Language Movement English Only Movement
Gaelic revival Illyrian Movement Nepal Bhasa Movement
Norwegian Language Conflict  Punjabi Language Movement   Scandinavian Movement 
Sindhi Language Movement Hindi Language Movement
 Resistance Movements
Resistance to the British Empire  Resistance to the French empire Resistance to the Greek Military Junta
Independence Movements American Resistance Movement National Liberation Movements
Rebellious against the Spanish empire World War II Resistance Movement Kashmir Liberation Movement
Norwegian Language Conflict  Punjabi Language Movement   Scandinavian Movement 
Internal Resistance to South African  Apartheid Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Pakistan Movement- Lahore
 Punjabi Sufi Poets

Baba Fareed Guru Nanak Shah Hussain
Bulleh Shah Warris Shah Sultan Bahu
Mian Muhammad Baksh Khawaja Ghulam Fareed  

Great Punjabi Sufi Song - Allah Hoo - Sain Zahoor Ahmad

  Punjabi Sufy Poetry ,Music Videos and Film  
Sufi Music Videos  Gazal Heer Waris Shah Kalam Baba Bulleh Shah
Folk Music Videos Qawali Kalam Sultan Bahu Kalam Baba Fareed
Pop Mahia / Tapay Kalam Mian Bukhsh Baba Khawaja Ghulam Fareed
Bhangra Filmi Songs Punjabi Music Punjabi Film
 Punjab and Punjabi (Books/Chapters/Excerpts)


 New Websites



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