From Hagel to Mattis – Acknowledgement of India’s Web of Terror in South Asia

BJP leader threatens to ‘break’ Pakistan into ‘four pieces’


NEW DELHI: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has threatened that India would break Pakistan into
four pieces.

India, he added, would be ready for such a move around April 2018. In an interview with an Indian
news agency, he said: “There is no need for India to weep, but it will teach a lesson to Pakistan.”

He said that now China had mended its ways. “Now China has also started speaking against Pakistan,”
he claimed. Swamy said that China was asking Pakistan to improve its ties with India. Reacting to
Subramanian Swamy’s statement, AML chief Sheikh Rasheed said that Pakistan’s security is insurance
of India.

“India will be eliminated if it made any mistake,” he maintained. PTI vice-chairman Shah Mahmood
Qureshi said that the evil eye being cast on Pakistan will be gouged out. Jamaat leader Sirajul Haq
said that India has waged an undeclared war. “We will not let India establish its hegemony in the
region,” he maintained.

Source:Pakistan Today,September 30, 2017

Indian army chief threatens ‘surgical strikes’

New Delhi

Days after being named the new Indian Army chief, General Bipin Rawat said on Tuesday that
“surgical strikes” against Pakistan were meant to deliver a message.

“The so-called surgical strikes were more of messaging. It was a messaging that was needed to
be communicated,” Gen Rawat told NDTV in an exclusive interview. He also went on to say that the
possibility of similar action in the future could not be ruled out.

“If there are terrorist bases across and if they continue to disrupt the situation on our side of the
Line of Control then we have a right to take action against the terrorists,” he added.

The Indian army chief hinted at formulating new strategies to respond to “militants” across the
border. “The demonstration of the surgical strike was just one such means. We are working on
other such methodologies,” the army chief said.

The development came a day after Gen Rawat said India’s armed forces would not “shy away
from flexing its muscles, if need be”.

Rawat recently took over as the new chief of army staff from General Dalbir Singh Suhag as the
head of the 1.3 million force.

He has served in the restive region of Kashmir along the frontier with Pakistan, where troops of the
nuclear-armed nations have been locked in almost daily cross-border firing for months.

He has also served in the insurgency-hit northern states and along the border with China. In a rare
move, the new chief was handpicked for the top job over two senior officers.—NDTV

Source: Sep 25, 2017

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