Aims & Objectives


  • To  Provide Information  about global issues particularly about  issues facing directly Punjab and Punjabi language that is important,relevant and helpful to its audience.
  • To advance intercultural dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of Punjab’s diversity and shared values through literary exchange and shared information;by offering  research material,analysis,surveys , studies and reports
  • To promote social and cultural activities  that encourage positive exchange of ideas, dialogue, , arts, theater, music, heritage preservation etc.
  • To Increase interaction, dialogue and engagement between  Punjabis  and other communities around the globe.
  • To enhance public awareness and advocacy that Punjab is an indivisible constituent state of the country. and has surrendered certain powers to the federation under an agreement.


The principal objective is the Spread of  Punjabi language, literature, art and culture and to create the awareness of Punjabs national, linguistic and cultural rights. serves the public interest by the following means:

  • Facilitates and encourages communications among the research community, lingual professionals,the communications media and the general public by educating public on the usefulness linguistic and cultural rights. 
  • Acts as a resource in forming public opinion  relevant to the global issues and in particular to the issues related to Punjab and Punjabi and other  issues regarding their linguistics and cultural heritage in a digital world.
  • Offers a platform for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view. and our  challenge is to promote cultural dialogue among the communities.

  • Promotion,Preservation and protection of Punjabi  language, culture and heritage in peripherals with large Punjabi population. 

  • To provide and publish   powerful  text for the  promotion of  Punjabi language at par with global linguistics and cultural values and causes.




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