Justin Trudeau wins hearts (again) by welcoming Syrian Refugees at the airport

Of course, he was swamped by selfie-seekers before he could get to the refugees!


The first day of the arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada was marked by many warm moments, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was present at the Toronto airport to personally welcome them.

Before the refugees arrived, Trudeau was swarmed by airport staff and the public for selfies:


And the PM obliged... — REUTERS


The attention, of course, was directed to the refugees when they landed at the Toronto airport:


They were warmly greeted by Prime Minister Trudeau — REUTERS


The littlest refugees even got a little tickle — REUTERS


And he made sure their winter coats fit just right – REUTERS
The people, in Canada and all over the world, are smitten by Trudeau's hospitality - after all, this photo op seemed more genuine than heartfelt that the standard political fare.
Curtsey:DAWN.COM,DEC 11,2015

The littlest refugees even got a little tickle — REUTERS

By Ayesha Mahboob Alam


As if you needed more reasons to love him! PHOTO: THE STAR

Canada’s new McDreamy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, didn’t just win the elections, he has won our hearts too.

With women all over the world wanting to pack their bags and move to Canada, we thought we should give Pakistani women some more motivation.

NEWSFLASH: He is basically Pakistani.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

Here’s Trudeau rocking a sherwani like a true desi:



And look at those kolhapuri chappals! He didn’t just stop there, the man also knows how to pull off some killer bhangra moves. Look at him get his groove on:

He’s the perfect package — he also wears a kurta shalwar and goes to the mosque. And what is more Pakistani than sitting cross-legged and eating biryani?

In addition to all of that, the newly-elected PM also knows how to land a punch or two!




And perhaps the most attractive thing about him is that he’s a proud feminist! In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Trudeau said, “I’m proud to be a feminist. My mother raised me to be that way, and my father (two-time former prime minister Pierre Trudeau) was a different generation, but he raised me to respect and defend everyone’s rights, and I deeply grounded my own identity in that.”



And so, we have decided to start a petition for Justin Trudeau to be given honorary Pakistani citizenship and a one-way ticket. All those in favour, say aye!
Curtsey:DAWN.COM, Published: October 22, 2015

Video:Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada does Bhangra

Two Pakistani women elected in Canadian elections


Salma Zahid and Iqra Khalid PHOTO: THE STAR

Two Pakistani women Salma Zahid and Iqra Khalid, representing the Liberal party, won seats in the Canadian elections 2015 held on Monday.

“Scarborough families tonight voted for real change,” Salma Zahid said as dozens gathered to celebrate her victory. “I will work hard to deliver the results they deserve.”

Zahid has reclaimed Scarborough Centre for the Liberals by beating the Conservative incumbent Roxanne James who was elected in 2011. Her campaign had focused largely on transit infrastructure, youth employment and moving to repeal the Conservatives’ Bill C-24.

A mother of two, Zahid moved to Scarborough with her family 15 years ago and has since worked as a senior adviser to the Ontario government on health care, infrastructure, citizenship and tourism.

Another Pakistani-Canadian Iqra Khalid also won the election and succeeded in unseating Conservative incumbent Bob Dechert in Mississauga-Erin-Mills. The election was a close one but the Conservative candidate likely lost it due to the party’s anti-Muslim agenda.

The Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, led his party to victory in a federal election on Monday, defeating Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by a wide margin.

Trudeau, who took over a party in shambles in 2013, trailed early in the campaign, brushed off by his opponents as being more style than substance and an intellectual lightweight who was not ready for the job.

But a bold pledge to run a budget deficit and boost spending to spur the economy, as well as a positive message and his gregarious nature, helped the Liberals engineer a turnaround.

The telegenic Trudeau has often drawn large crowds and elicited comparisons to the Kennedy dynasty and the Obama campaigns.

This article originally appeared on The Star

Curtsey:The express tribune, Published: October 22, 2015

Canada's new PM Trudeau vows to bring hope, change

By Reuters


Trudeau may break the record for biggest gain in seats in an election which was previously held by Conservative. PHOTO: AFP

OTTAWA: Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is moving back to the house where he grew up. The Liberal leader, son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, led his party to victory in a federal election on Monday, defeating Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by a wide margin.

While the final vote count was not yet complete, Trudeau’s Liberals were on track to win 174 of Parliament’s 338 seats, according to Elections Canada.

That means Trudeau is on track to break the record for the biggest gain in seats in an election, which was previously held by the Conservatives, who added 111 seats in the 1984 election. It is the largest percentage increase in seats ever gained by a party in an election.

The stunning win returns Trudeau, 43, to the prime minister’s official residence at 24 Sussex Drive where he lived for almost 12 years while his father was in office.

Trudeau, who took over a party in shambles in 2013, trailed early in the campaign, brushed off by his opponents as being more style than substance and an intellectual lightweight who was not ready for the job.

But a bold pledge to run a budget deficit and boost spending to spur the economy, as well as a positive message and his gregarious nature, helped the Liberals engineer a turnaround.

The telegenic Trudeau has often drawn large crowds and elicited comparisons to the Kennedy dynasty and the Obama campaigns. He was born to great publicity on Christmas Day 1971 and stayed in the limelight until his father left office in 1984. He returned to prominence with a moving eulogy at his father’s 2000 funeral.

“Dealing with being my father’s son isn’t something that I suddenly had to get my mind around as I showed up in this place as an MP (member of Parliament) … it’s been something that’s been with me all my life,” he told Reuters in a January interview. “It’s what I put out there that actually matters.”

A former teacher and snowboard instructor, Trudeau was first elected as an MP in 2008. He won again in 2011, but the Liberal party suffered its worst election showing ever. After the party leader resigned, Trudeau’s name began to be floated around as the next chief.

Trudeau, who has three children, initially said he was undecided due to his young family but eventually reconsidered and won the leadership election by a wide margin.

Support for the Liberals surged after his win but that goodwill had evaporated by the time the election got underway in August. The tone was set by an early Conservative attack ad that claimed Trudeau wasn’t ready to be the country’s next prime minister and took aim at his looks with the comment, “Nice hair, though.”

“What Trudeau did was surprise the field, and he stiffened the spine of a lot of liberals who were wavering,” said Nelson Wiseman, a political scientist at the University of Toronto.

Trudeau also touted a path for Canada that he said was more ambitious than his opponents’. His slogan “Real Change” echoes Barack Obama’s successful “Hope and Change,” and Trudeau admires how, in his view, Obama transformed grassroots democracy.

Trudeau’s short political career has not been without its gaffes.

Critics say Trudeau’s comments and headline-grabbing events, such as challenging a Conservative senator to a televised boxing match and winning in 2012, lack gravitas. After Canada joined the coalition against Islamic State, he said humanitarian aid was better than “trying to whip out our (fighter jets) and show them how big they are”.

While his rise in politics may appear to have been swift, former interim Liberal party leader Bob Rae said Trudeau has been thinking about it much longer.

“From the time I met him, my sense was that he very much saw this as a long game for him. And one that only had one conclusion.”

Curtsey:The Express Tribune, Published: October 20, 2015

Canada’s change



The writer is a freelance contributor.

THE new Liberal government of Canada officially went to work last Wednesday after a traditional swearing-in at Rideau Hall, Ottawa. Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet is a mix of seasoned legislators, fresh politicians, ethnic minorities, Native Canadians, the LGBT community and 50pc women as ministers. And they have a daunting ‘to-do’ list. With a majority in the House, Trudeau’s agenda of change should not be insurmountable. But several tricky issues from the Liberal election platform were promised immediate attention by Trudeau upon election and voters will be calling those in. Muslims — including Canadians of Pakistani origin — will want prompt attention given to the infamous Bills C-51 and C-24 while immigration organisations will be looking at an urgent road map to facilitate and expedite the applications of Syrian refugees to Canada.
Bills C-51 and C-24 were the turning point for several Muslims in Canada to vote Liberal despite inhibitions against the party. Canadian Muslims, including Pakistani Canadians, are not all fans of Liberal governance which smiles benignly on homosexuality and includes gender studies in junior school curriculum. When Bill C-51 — also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2015 — was adopted by the Harper government in January of this year, the greater evil was put in perspective thus prompting a vote shift.

Harper had forgotten that immigrants are Canada’s strength.

Harper had forgotten that immigrants are Canada’s strength. By declaring Islamic terrorism asBuilding upon people’s fear after alleged jihadi-inspired attacks on two Canadian soldiers last October, C-51 became a law guised as Harper’s “commitment to protect Canadians from jihadist terrorists”. Fac­ilitating information-sharing among 17 federal institutions, it gives police and Canadian Security Intelligence Services carte blanche to prevent, detain or restrict terror suspects as, when and how, ie any suspicious Muslim could be hauled in for questioning and end up with a criminal record. Trudeau’s government has plans in place to roll back the powers given to the CSIS on the premise that the bill disrespects the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Liberal party had voted in favour of passing Bill C-51, a move Trudeau defended later, saying that while the bill was flawed, it was in the interest of Canadians’ security.

Cornered into choosing between a secure Canada and his adherence to the Canadian Charter, he had opted for the former with a firm promise that he would make amends as prime minister — a move Muslim voters will be expecting soon.

After C-51 came Bill C-24 and put a seal on Harper’s rule seen as racist by many. Passed in June this year, C-24 made it legal to revoke Canadian citizenship (of dual citizens) without trial if they were convicted of terrorism, espionage or treason. This legislation created two classes of citizens, giving politicians the power to revoke citizenship. For Canadian Muslims there was real fear that under Harper, this would turn into a witch-hunt.

Trudeau took a vociferous stance against Bill C-24, openly condemning Harper’s right-wing policies and asserting that Canadian citizenship wasn’t a gift to be granted or taken away at the whim of a politician.

Multicultural communities which are an integral part of Canada’s past and future, are now depending upon him to protect them from these discriminatory elements infecting the Canadian fabric. But amendments to Bills C-51 and C-24 will need to follow due process and results can’t be expected overnight.

Some things, though, Trudeau can command right away. A quick parliamentary order can bring the CF-18s home from their bombing missions in Iraq and Syria.

The promise made during the campaign to order the jets back was reiterated by Trudeau after his win. Speaking to Obama, he committed to a “responsible eng­agement” and Can­ada’s role in the fight against the self-styled Islamic State, but he asserted the combat mission will end.

Trudeau’s election pledge to process sponsorships and bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year is the beginning of Canada’s renewed position on the international scene. However the timeline is almost an impossible challenge for the new Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Minister, John McCallum since the process requires much more than the remaining two months to complete.

The immigration and citizenship laws altered under Harper in several objectionable ways are amongst the ‘real change’ promised by the Liberals. Harper’s restrictive policies on immigration snubbing Muslims and screening the countries where immigrants are taken in from, will need sensitive strategising by Minister McCallum if he wants to maintain his voter base. the biggest security threat to Canada along with an Islamophobic agenda and disrespect of women in niqab and men with beards, he had virtually declared war on Muslims.

Impatient to see Trudeau walk the election talk, the immigrant and Muslim communities are eagerly waiting to see a reversal of Harper’s abuse of Canadian civil liberties.

The writer is a freelance contributor.


Published in Dawn, November 8th, 2015

Trudeau family celebrates Thanksgiving

October 12, 2015

Today, the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, visited the Eardley Patch in Gatineau with his family

Photo Curtsey: www.liberal.ca,


Today, the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was in Brampton, attending the Rally for Change Now, the biggest rally in a generation.( October 4, 2015)

Photo Curtsey: www.liberal.ca,

Video:Justin Trudeau's Message to The Canadian-Muslim Vote

Video:Justin Trudeau -Rally In Brampton

Video:Justin Trudeau Rally in Brampton Part 2

Video:Watch Live: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks following swearing-in ceremony

Video:Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Cabinet of Ministers Swearing In Ceremony November 4, 2015

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